Out-of-this-World Mac-n-Cheese

Kim's Out-of-this-World Mac-n-Cheese
My sister, Kim cooked a delicious lunch for us today.  She made the most amazing mac-n-cheese ever.  My daughter said "No offense Mom, but that is the best mac-n-cheese I have ever eaten!"  Well, I tried to get her recipe but she just told me how she made it without giving me the actual recipe.  I thought you guys would like to see the picture - that is how delicious it was.  Basically, she boiled and drained the pasta and the broccoli, and made a béchamel sauce (butter, flour, and milk). She put half the bow tie pasta in the bottom of a baking dish with half the broccoli and topped it with cheese.  Next, she added the remaining pasta, broccoli, and béchamel  sauce.  She topped it with more cheese and baked until the cheese was bubbly at 350 for about 20 minutes.